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Supercharge Your Immune System Before It’s Too Late...

Cooling Humidity
Portable Aromatherapy
  • Reduces Dangerous Airborne Particles
  • Relieves Sinuses & Allergies
  • Portable USB Humidifier
  • Easy, One-Button Control
  • Adjustable White or Rainbow Night Light
  • 4 to 9-hour Reservoir Capacity
  • Quiet Operation & Auto Shut-Off

Convenient Cleansing At Home or On The Go

Purify Your Body With Optimal Health & Relaxation

The Ultrasonic Humidifier and Air Purifier makes clean air easy for people who worry about the air quality in their home.This compact device promotes healthy and easy breathing by humidifying and ionizing the air around you. Incorporating a humidifier into your daily life has countless benefits to your health. It helps to alleviate allergies, prevents cold and flu symptoms, kills bacteria and viruses, and eliminates irritating conditions such congestion and sinusitis. By increasing the humidity in your air it helps increase focus, improves mood and overall sleep health which makes you feel energetic and refreshed.

"This gentle mist helps my baby sleep better."

Up To 9 Hours of Soothing Aroma Therapy

Trusted Health Experts Recommend Using Humidifiers

Protect Your Family From Dangerous Air Particles

Thousands Of Raving Reviews

Love the Soft Mist and Moisturizing Benefits

Enjoy a spa-like atmosphere anywhere. Essential oils help you unwind while a gentle mist gives you moister skin and softer hair.
Compact Size, Quiet & Easy to Use
Countless Health Benefits
Recommended by Health Experts

"This helps my allergies tremendously!"

Reduces Colds, Allergies, and Flus

Why Should I Consider Healthy Humidifer

Instead of Other Personal Humidifiers?


Cost Under $100

Intermittent or

Continuous Setting

Essential Oil


300 ml Reservoir

Longer Lasting

4 to 9 Hour Operation

Depending on Setting

White or Multi-Colored

Night Light

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Humidifies My Car While I Drive"

"I deliver packages with my car in Texas, so I always have the air conditioner on. The AC bothers my nose and dries out my nasal passages. I take this humidifier with me in my car and power it with the USB cable that came with it. It's compact, so it fits in my cup holder. I like the changing colors, especially at night."

Justin L.

"This humidifier makes my room smell great and feel so relaxing!"

Use As An Essential Oil Diffuser for Refreshing Aromatherapy

Healthy Humidifer

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Help. Find Answers.
  • What is your refund policy?

    We are 100% confident that you are going to love our products which is why we stand behind a 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you don't love the results the product delivers just reach out to our customer service team and they will issue a refund no questions asked.

  • How Do I Use the Humidifier?

    a)   Step 1 – Remove the top and fill it with distilled or filtered water. Add a few drops of essential oil if you like.

    b)   Step 2 – Insert the spring and cotton swab into the tube. Insert the tube into the top and replace the lid.

    c)   Step 3 – Plug in and connect the USB cord, then switch it on.

    d)   The one-touch button works as follows:

    • One-click for continuous humidity
    • Holding the button for 3 seconds turns on the white night light mode
    • Click and hold the button again for 3 seconds to change the light to the gradual 7-color mode
    • Click the button again for intermittent mist.
  • What Comes in the Box?
    • 1 Piece Aroma Humidifier
    • 1 Piece USB Cable
    • 1 Piece User Manual
    • 1 Piece Cotton Swab
  • Why Do I Need a Humidifier?

    If you live in a low-humidity area or heat your home with gas or wood, you need more humidity in your environment. Some of the benefits of moisture include:

    • Helps prevent influenza. Humidity levels above 40% disable virus particles, making them much less likely to be infectious.
    • It makes coughs more productive if you are ill.
    • It keeps sinuses and nasal passages moist, reducing chances for getting sick.
    • Can reduce snoring by lubricating the airways.
    • Moisturizes skin and hair.
    • Both pets and house plants stay healthier.
    • Hardwood floors and wood furniture require proper humidity levels between 45% and 55%.

    The Healthy Humidifer Portable Humidifier can supply additional humidity wherever you are.

  • Can I Use Tap Water?

    We recommend using only purified or distilled water in your humidifier. Unfiltered tap water can contain higher calcium levels and other particles that can build up in the machine, causing it to wear down and produce less mist.

  • How Do I Add Essential Oil?

    After filling the reservoir with filtered or distilled water, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the water.

"I have asthma, and this helps me sleep until morning.”

Silently Moisturizes Air & Calming Ambient Night Light